A World of Sleep since 1905 -"We've Got Your Back"

Why buy an Eclipse Mattress??

1) 80% of all Americans have Back Problems.

2) 4 out of 5 customers that are looking for a new bed have back problems.

3) Patented Spinal Zone Support System.

4) Unequaled Support and Durability with the comfort choices that customers want.

5) This mattress is the ONLY mattress in the United States that is endorsed by the Congress of Chiropractic State Association.

But Best of All....

6) Eclipse has scientifically proven results to reduce back stiffness conducted at the University of West Virginia School of Medicine. Two Studies ran, one for 28 days and the other one for a full year. The full year is the longest clinical study in the history of the mattress industry! The final determination was that the Spinal Zone system is effective in reducing chronic back pain.

96% reduction in Back Stiffness, 34% reduction of Back Pain, and 29% improvement in Quality of Sleep

These mattresses are made in Oregon.